Customers ask: How to Automate - not Why

The benefits of automation are obvious - efficiency, security, agility, visibility and more. The key is to transition business more seamlessly to automation and that's FiberSmart's approach.

Digital Transformation in Many Industries

FiberSmart offers the technology and the solutions for digital transformation across industries.

ROME in Action

Use Cases

Edge Data Centers

Fast growing data centers at the edge supporting 5G and IoT with connectivity and compute near the users and providing sub 1 milli-second latency... Read more.

Mission Critical Infrastructure

No matter if it's a power plant or an airport, communication failures will cause a large business and personal impact... Read more.

Security - Zero Touch & Zero Trust

When it comes to networks and data center security, zero touch is a must. An autonomous environment creates full audit trails and removes human elements... Read more.

Telecom: Reducing OPEX and Increasing Service Agility

Our global telecommunications networks are being revolutionized, and it's all about service agility while reducing operational expenditures... Read more.

Smart Cities, Smart Campuses & Smart Buildings

It's all about connectivity when it comes to cities, campuses and buildings being smart... Read more.

Data Center Meet-Me-Room (MMR)

Internet cloud services are enabled via physical cross connections for peering and bandwidth provisioning. As a data center operator, the most critical operation is to connect the customers in this centralized environment... Read more.

Sports and Entertainment Venues

4K and 8K broadcasting and VR applications around sports and entertainment events require low latency and high bandwidth and frequent re-configuration... Read more.

Automating Optical Fiber Testing

Optical fiber deployment and installation require large scale testing operations where automation brings significant economic benefits... Read more.

History in the Making by Our Customers

Evolution happens every day and it becomes a revolution at the time when we look back in history. FiberSmart is enabling this revolution with an everyday evolution.